Guaresi Tomato Harvesters

A complete range of high-tech tomato harvesters

The history of a trademark such as Guaresi cannot be made up out of thin air but has deep roots written in “Black and White”. lt was indeed way back in 1932 that Cavalier ldalgo Guaresi began his artisan activity. Strongly influenced by the nearby presence of one of the first sugar-beet factories to be constructed in Italy, he began designing small sugar-beet farming equipment. The first man-driven machine to be patented and constructed placed three small doses of sugar-beet seeds and fertiliser in the ground. Right after the war other sugar-beet seeding and row-weeding machines were constructed, both man powered and driven. Sons Giullano, Alberto and Maurizio Guaresi joined the company at the end of the 50’s when the workshop was expended. with consequent growth in the company production. New sugar-beet seeding machines were constructed of the tractor loaded or towed type and also self-propelled. 1963 marked a turning point in sugar-beet farming, when the first tractor loaded or towed sugar-beet harvesters were constructed. The machines did away with painstaking manual sugar-beet harvesting, At the end of the 60’s the first sugar-beet harvester and cleaner was constructed. equipped with an automatic driving device.

The company production range saw a change in the 70’s, when it turned to hay harvesting equipment. This change did indeed come around thanks to the success of a bail maker-loader, which transformed the small artisan company into an industrial reality, when it transferred its production plant to a new factory of an amazing 5000 square meters In order to meet the new market demand. Guaresi snc became a joint-stock company in the 80’s, when the current modern roofed production structure of over 5000 square meters was added to the existent factory. 1984 marked the company’s entry into the field of tomato harvesters, with the construction of the G-84 machine. Thanks to its simple and practical characteristics and to its innovative technical features, this machine was produced in many versions and gave the company an enormous leap forward in terms of quality. The year after, the G-85 version was introduced, being a 4-wheel drive self-propelled machine that was much more practical than the towed versions. In the sugar beet harvesting field. in the second half of the eighties, two innovative machines were produced. a self-propelled two-row sugar-beet harvester (DT 400) and a three-row one (M88). which ensured high production rates without affecting the quality of the job. Guaresi’s business was however at this time aimed at tomato harvesting.

Around about the nineties, all the economical and technological commitments of the company were indeed placed in this direction. A modern and innovative self-propelled tomato harvester, model G-89, was conceived, which consolidated the fame of the trademark in Europe and spread it around the rest of the world too. This machine. which ensured an hourly harvesting capacity of over 20 tons. was equipped with an automatic sorter for the rejection of green tomatoes, a vibrating-shaking system and a device for eliminating dirt. All these innovations were also later used to manufacture a towed version (mod. G-91) and a self-propelled one (mod. G-92). So, availing of a perfect basis with the G-89 model, the engineering staff of Guaresi met further requirements of their clients by producing a new series of harvesters. G 89/93. being extremely high speed, reliable and efficient harvesters for long harvesting seasons.

Thanks to this machine Guaresi is now a worldwide leader in the construction of tomato harvesters.