G 89/93 MS 32″

Guaresi G 89/93 MS 32″

Tomato harvester

G 89/93 MS 32″

G 89/93 MS 32″: tomato harvester

The tomato harvester model G-89/93 MS 32″, is the penetrating economic model of Guaresi’s range of self-propelled machines. The slightly inclined belted chain. ensures a constant and evenly distributed flow of tomatoes in all harvesting conditions. It loads the electronic sorter feeding belt correctly and therefore each individual electronic sorter can perform its best. The particularly wide sorter footboard can take up to 6 workers to finish off the tomato sorting phase. The highly efficient hydraulic system is made up of 7 independent lines. the speed of which can be adjusted from the driver’s seat and each is powered by its own pump. Even if the G 89/93 MS 32“ is the standard machine it’s operational capacities are absolutely amazing.
The tomato harvesters of the G-89/93 series are the evolution of the amazingly successful G89 model, which revolutionised tomato harvesting In the 90’s. These machines are very much appreciated worldwide thanks to their outstanding production capacity and reliability, achieved thanks to constant development and to the use of top quality materials and components


Guaresi tomato harvesters have been explicitly designed to be absolutely versatile. They can indeed work in the widest variety of environmental conditions. This natural versatility can be further upgraded by installing specific accessories and optional equipment based on the client’s personal requirements.

Driver’s cab

Large and bright cab. All the instruments have been positioned to ensure perfect visibility at all times. The heatproof windows and the air conditioning system make the driver’s cab a pleasant and comfortable place to work.

Powered rollers

Driven rollers that bear the harvesters are the ideal solution needed to work even on wet and clayey ground.

Electronic debris removal system

The 16″, 24 ” or 32” electronic debris removal system can be fitted at the side of Guaresi tomato harvester models G89-93. It is used when working on cloddy ground, in the presence of stones and fields that have not been perfectly prepared. The automatic levelling system means that it works correctly even on strong slopes. The debris removal system eliminates stones, clods, overripe tomatoes and other impurities, collecting just the healthy red tomato. The use of the electronic debris removal system reduces wear on the pinions, belts. gaskets, bearings etc. by over 50%. Fitted at the front of the sorter it not only prevents accidental damages when manoeuvring but it also allows the operator to keep an eye on the job and to  intervene simply by adjusting  the operational parameters.

Leaf separator scroll

It is used for harvesting in the presence of particularly tangled vegetation.

Flywheel pick-up

Two large steel wheels that allow a high picking speed, particularly for picking on bulged lands. To be used with our electronic debris removal system.

Sickle pick-up

This device consists of a semi-circular oscillating blade. It is ideal for harvesting  single row plants and it is extremely easy to use (useful internal width: 100cm).

Lubrification system

The automatic centralised lubrication system minimises maintenance requirements and reduces wear. Thus keeping machine stoppages very low.

Nitrogen header lightening device

The correct weight on the header.
Rubber funnel

Further delicacy for discharging bins. Discharge arm remote controller for a more thorough filling of the bins.

Automatic levelling system of the sorter

Perfect sorting even in the presence of max. slopes in the ground of 12% (standard on all models. optional for G89/93 MS 32″).

Low pressure tyres

Less compacting of the ground and perfect traction (standard on all models, optional for G-89/93 MS 32″).

Additional shaker sticks

An additional support in the case of poor vegetation.

Technical characteristics

Frame In tubular steel structure
Dimensions - Max. length [m]: 11,125
– Max. height [m]: 3,70
– Steering radius on the road [m]: 6,20
– Steering radius at work [m]: 3,20
– Max width [m]: 2,55
– Pitch [m]: 2,50
– Weight [kg]: 9.100
– Front track gauge [m]: 1,56
– Rear track gauge [m]: 1,56
Engine - FPT Iveco 6 cilinders N67 MNT turbo intercooler de 175 cv.
– A better reliability with more power and less pollutant emission
– Working rate [rpm]: 1800
Transmission - High pressure hydrostatic Sauer-Danfoss
– pump: 75 cc variable capacity
– motor: 80 cc variable capacity
Gears With 2 electro-hydraulically controlled mechanical ratios
Speed - 1ª work speed (slow): 0 – 6 [km/h]
– 2ª work speed (fast): 0 – 9 [km/h]
– 3ª driving speed (slow): 0 – 16 [km/h]
– 4ª driving speed (fast): 0 – 27 [km/h]
Tyres front and rear: 425/75
Axles Hurth hub with 8 stud bolts and 4 crown wheels
Steering system Sauer-Danfoss hydrostatic
Parking brake Hydraulic with oil bath disk on front and rear axle shafts
Stationary brake With disk on the drive transmission
Electric system 12 [Volt]
Hydraulic system - no. indipendents lines: 7
– Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps
– Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic motors
– Bucher electro-distributors
– Coupler: 3 connectors
Dimensions of operational components - Variable width of harvesting tips [cm]: 110 -155
– Header width [cm]: 120
– Shaking chamber width [cm]: 120
– Width of sorter feeding belt [cm]: 84
– Width of manual sorting belt [cm]: 84
– Width of discharge belt [cm]: 67
– Max. discharge height [cm]: 340
Sorter - Microprocessor type sorter: 32”
– Cylinderd diameter 20 [mm] / stroke 25 [mm] (Bimba)
– Working pressure: 3,5 [bar]
– Box solenoid valves (Mac)
– Max speed of sorter feeding belt: 70 [m/min]
– Sorter fingers speed: 35 [strokes/sec]
Max. harvesting capacity 32 [ton/hour]


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